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Вентили серий 3700, 3800, 3900

Игольчатые краны серий 3700, 3800, 3900 (250КБ)
Off ered in four diff erent body materials, this group of valves can handle a wide range of general purpose liquid and gas applications. Six types of stem tips are available, including two styles of vee-points.

Типичные применения

  • Instrument air lines
  • Sampling
  • Gas chromatography
  • Test stands
  • Cylinder valves
  • Особенности

  • Safety: Integral bonnet provides diff erential thread pitch between stem threads and packing nut thread preventing accidental stem removal
  • Stem tip options: A choice of PCTFE, metal, vee-point, blunt veepoint, or regulating stem tips
  • Helps eliminate fugitive emissions: Dyna-Pak® packing provides a leak-tight seal with low operating torque in deep vacuum or high pressure applications
  • Installation variety: Broad selection of male NPT, female NPT, and HOKE Gyrolok® fractional or metric tube fi tting connections
  • Handle options: Color-coded handles are available for identifying system fl uids
  • Panel mounting available: All models can be ordered for panel mounting
  • Easy maintenance: All models can be panel mounted without packing disruption. Packing can be adjusted without removal from panel