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Шаровые краны HOKE серии Selectomite 76


Шаровые краны серии Selectomite 76 (160КБ)

Selectomite® 3-way ball valves use 180° operation for diverting l ow from one line to another. The handle points to the side port in use; when perpendicular to the side ports, it indicates the shutof position.

Типичные применения

  • Instrument air lines
  • Sampling systems
  • 2-way gauge readout of lin
  • Manual cylinder actuation
  • Особенности

  • providing a visual cue and improved safety. Dyna-Pak® packing provides a leak-tight seal with
  • low operating torque in vacuum or high pressure applications, helping to prevent fugitive emissions. Dual encapsulated TFE seats and microi nished
  • ball ensure a leak tight seal. This combination provides greater valve reliability. TFE seats and washers provide excellent corrosion
  • resistance, providing the correct material for the application. A wide variety of HOKE Gyrolok® end i ttings or
  • pipe i ttings provide the correct i tting option for the application. Special High Tolerance NPT Thread
  • Подбор изделия

    Серия Selectomite® 7165 Series
    Давление до 34 bar
    TFE Seats—TFE Washer

    Серия Selectomite® 7717 Series
    Давление до 138 bar
    TFE Seats—Viton® Washers

    Серия Selectomite® 7671 Series
    Давление до 207 bar
    Nylatron® Seats—Buna-N Washers

    Серия Selectomite® 7673 Series
    Давление до 414 bar
    Nylatron® Seats—Viton® Washers

    Материалы конструкции

    Графики температура-давление


    Серия Selectomite® 7177
    Серии Selectomite® 7165, 7671, 7673