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Шаровые краны HOKE серии Multimite 79


Шаровые краны серии Multimite 79 (160КБ)

Multimite® 4-way, or dual switching valves allow two distinct fl ow paths to be used at the same time. The 5-way, or diverter valves off er the same functionality as 3-way valves except with four alternate paths.

Типичные применения

4-way valves
  • Actuator cycling
  • Pressure selecting and venting
  • Alternate sampling and distribution
  • 5-way valves
  • Sampling systems
  • Distribution systems
  • Instrument range selection
  • Особенности

  • Blowout-proof stem for added safety
  • Spring-loaded detent engages every 90° to indicate full port position, increasing operator confi dence.
  • Trunnion bearings eliminate galling, increasing valve life and reducing cost of ownership.
  • A wide variety of HOKE Gyrolok® end fi ttings or pipe fi ttings provide the correct fi tting option for the application.
  • Special High Tolerance NPT Thread
  • Подбор изделия

    Серии Multimite® 7911, 7921 4-х ходовые

    Серии Multimite® 7931, 7941 5-ти ходовые

    Материалы конструкции

    Положения рукоятки и соответствующии им направления потоков

    Для 4-x ходового крана:

    Для 5-ти ходового крана:

    Графики температура-давление


    Дополнительные опции

    Electric Actuators. For remote control of Multimite® 79 Series valves, order an electric actuator. Electric actuators are supplied in either 115 VAC or 24 VDC with weatherproof or explosion-proof housings. Refer to HOKE’s Actuator Catalog (79005) or contact your local factory-authorized distributor for more details.
    Spare Parts. Spare parts and repair kits are available for all ball valves. Please contact your distributor for specifi c information.
    Cleaning and Testing. When ordering, please specify if oxygen cleaning or helium leak testing is required.
    Additional Sizes. Additional sizes and options are available on special request. Please consult your local HOKE distributor.